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Q: How to fix the Error 1013: Unsupported: Server does not support authentication with token?

A: Please check SPE subdirectory ./settings for configuration files.

  1. If only exists, then your Browser uses SPE as embedded component and set inside the file this directive:
    server.enable_authentication_token = false
    In that case you can still use SPE with Basic HTTP authentication, as described in documentation, section “Basic authentication
  2. If you would like to play with “pure” daemon installation, then file should exist in ./settings subdirectory. File is created by phxadmin utility or can be created from ./data/ template file.
    1. Copy template file to ./settings directory
    2. Rename it to
    3. Check for server.enable_authentication_token directive and setup it as needed.
    4. Restart phxspe

Basic installation steps are described in ./doc/INSTALL.html document.