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Voice Inspector

Phonexia Voice Inspector (VIN) by Phonexia provides forensic experts and police forces investigating criminal matters with a highly accurate speaker identification tool. It performs automatic forensic voice comparisons according to ENFSI guidelines and helps prepare comprehensive case reports for courts. 

Top three benefits of using Voice Inspector: 

    • Shorter investigation time – support your forensic expert’s conclusion with accurate, unbiased voice analysis
    • Efficient Voice Analysis – identify a speaker in the recordings of any language with minimum language-specific expertise
    • Detailed reports – automatically generate reports containing all the necessary details

Voice Inspector software uses the extremely accurate voice biometrics engine to compare speakers automatically by their voice and identify multiple speakers in recordings.  

Advantages of Voice Inspector:

    • Advanced automatic analyses of voice-print based on Deep Neural Networks (x-vector), and therefore very precise speaker identification technology.
    • Very easy to install, use GUI and understand results, including easily customizable reports and easy-to-use case management.
    • Software can be easily adjusted to use in any country via population database.
    • USB dongle as licensing key allows portability of software.
    • Includes SID Evaluator that allows the software to be easily tested.

Phonexia Voice Inspector is NOT meant to replace the work of forensic experts. Its idea is to support expert-level decisions with automated methods

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