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Quick Start Guide (VIN)

Follow these steps to use Phonexia Voice Inspector:  

  1. Download its latest version (provided as a ZIP archive here) 
  2. Unpack the archive
  3. Download a license obtained from Phonexia. Please, don´t change name of the license (always in license.dat format). Note that a NET type of license needs an Internet connection to connect to our license server. The USB dongle type licensed does not need Internet connection.
  4. Copy a license file (license.dat, obtained from Phonexia) to the application’s root directory (e.g., next to VoiceInspector (Linux) / VoiceInspector.exe (Windows); the file should be copied to the VIN folder before running the “VoiceInspector (Linux) / VoiceInspector.exe (Windows)” executable file).
  5. Run VoiceInspector (Linux) / VoiceInspector.exe (Windows)

 To access this manual, press F1 or select Help and User guide in the main menu bar. You can also open VIN-manual.pdf directly in the root directory of the application.

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