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Releases and Changelogs (VIN)

Phonexia Voice Inspector (VIN) is developed as a desktop application for forensic speaker comparison.


Version Release Date End of Support Maintained Until Release type
4.0 2019-12-12 2023-12-31 2023-12-31 Public
3.2 2018-03-16 2020-12-16 2020-12-16 Public
3.1 2016-10-24 2018-04-24 3.2 Public
3.0 2016-08-05 2018-02-05 3.1 Public
1.3 2015-06-04 2016-12-04 2016-12-04 Public


Voice Inspector 4.0

Voice Inspector 4.0.4, BSAPI 3.40.14 (2023-02-10)

  • Fixed: App crash when saving a recording without speech
  • Fixed: Error dialogs that appeared behind the main window
  • Fixed: Too small font in report template
  • Fixed: “Jagged” graphs in the SID Evaluator under certain circumstances

Voice Inspector 4.0.3, BSAPI 3.40.13 (2022-07-15)

  • New: Added Romanian to the default set of available languages
  • New: Added the ability to define custom language in the speaker metadata
  • Fixed: Size of graphs in the report when using the Hi-DPI screen and overlapping labels in the graph of the probability density function
  • Fixed: When discarding a changed photo, the confirmation dialog “Do you want to save…” popped up infinitely
  • Fixed: Missing file names when the SID Evaluator evaluates speakers from the workspace
  • Fixed: Unwanted extra comparisons when SID Evaluator evaluates speakers from workspace (instead of comparing only A x B, it compared also B x A, A x A)
  • Improved: Speaker export error message
  • Improved: Minor improvements to the phoneme search bar to make it clearer

Voice Inspector 4.0.2, BSAPI 3.35.5 (2021-03-25)

  • Fixed: One more issue in detection of certain USB license tokens

Voice Inspector 4.0.1, BSAPI 3.35.3 (2020-11-25)

  • Fixed: Detection of certain USB license tokens

Voice Inspector 4.0.0, BSAPI 3.23.0 (2019-12-11)

  • New: Speaker Identification L4 model
  • New: Added Diarization Technology (available in waveform editor)
  • New: Added possibility to set type of estimation of the Target distribution
  • New: Using population set to estimate Target distribution allows 1:1 comparison
  • Fixed: Various bug fixes
  • Improved: Reworked dialog for population set management
  • Changed: Population sets structure changed
  • Removed: Speaker Identification models S2, L2, L3, XL3 are no longer supported
Voice Inspector 3.2

Voice Inspector v3.2.2, BSAPI 3.15.0 (2018-06-05)

  • Fixed possible application crash on Windows
  • Added phoneme type ‘affricate’ and fixed phoneme types:
    • phoneme ‘C’ changed from ‘fricative’ to ‘affricate’
    • phoneme ‘D’ changed from ‘fricative to ‘plosive’
    • phoneme ‘T’ changed from ‘fricative to ‘plosive’
    • phoneme ‘c’ changed from ‘plosive’ to ‘affricate’

Voice Inspector v3.2.1, BSAPI 3.15.0 (2018-03-16)

  • Export of Speakers/Populations allows export only voiceprints
  • Wave editor’s Spectrum settings allows to set up smaller values for Window length
  • Added generic label panel in Wave editor
  • New version of population sets (population sets supports speech length compensation)
  • Added dialog which offers to import new population sets into user’s workspace
  • Forbid usage of recordings with low SNR score
  • Added settings of Scoring:
    • base of logarithm of evidence score (log10 or ln)
    • estimation of non-target distribution
    • recording’s speech length compensation (beta)
  • SID Evaluator improvements:
    • Evidence table displays names of compared recordings
  • added Spanish localization
  • updated BSAPI
  • fixed labels and minor bugfixes
Voice Inspector 3.1

Voice Inspector v3.1.1, BSAPI 3.9.1 (2016-12-14)

  • fixed bug in Speaker Identification Evaluator – Evaluation from directory

Voice Inspector v3.1.0, BSAPI 3.9.1 (2016-10-24)

  • VIN is available with SID_L3 technology model
Voice Inspector 3.0

Voice Inspector v3.0.0, BSAPI 3.7.0 – Aug 5 2016

  • VIN is available with SID_XL3 technology model
  • Bug fixes
    • fixed Tippett graph colors
    • fixed WaveEditor save recording issue
    • disabled multiple recordings with same name