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Support is available 5 business days a week (Monday – Friday) / 8 business hours (09:00 – 17:00 CET) in English language.

If you have issue with Speech Engine, please include a report in the ticket, to help the support staff to resolve your issue faster:

  • Go to the Speech Engine installation directory
  • Open command line/terminal (in Ubuntu Linux  Right click + press E, in Windows type cmd in the address bar) 
  • Run ./phxadmin --report (Linux) or phxadmin.exe /report (Windows)
  • Zip up the created directory with report and attach the ZIP file to your issue description

The report functionality is not available in old SPE versions (3.10 and older).

Critical and minor issue definition

Major Issue

Critical Issue

Minor Issue

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Note: to submit a ticket, you have to use your Atlassian user account
 (i.e. your username and password may be different in the ticketing system and in Partner Portal)