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Speech Platform

Phonexia Speech Platform (PSP) is an umbrella concept for all Phonexia software components and services related to speech technologies with wide support of languages. It provides the ability to customize various products to a wide range of customer needs. 

The platform is an encapsulation of speech technologies (available in the Speech Engine component), expert-level applications (the Browser component), and utilities (the Reporting and Licensing Server component) grouped together for a specific market segment. 

We distinguish two fundamental domains: Government and Commerce (Enterprise). They differ from the business and user perspectives so much that it is necessary to recognize them. We converted our market expertise into several predefined configurations that are typical for the most common domain of usage.

Phonexia Speech Platform architecture


  • Phonexia Speech Engine Component (34 Articles)

    Phonexia Speech Engine (SPE) component is the REST API.

    This interface is designed for developers who want to integrate Phonexia speech technologies.


    For REST API documentation for our latest version of SPE, please head to

  • Phonexia Browser Component (6 Articles)

    Phonexia Browser is a client application for Phonexia Speech Engine (SPE), designed to test speech technologies using client’s recordings and visualize the results.

    The Browser helps with: 

      • getting familiar with speech technologies, 
      • a deployment of Phonexia Speech Engine into the client’s infrastructure, 
      • a configuration of the technologies according to the client’s needs, 
      • a calibration and evaluation of the specific deployment.

  • Languages Supported (3 Articles)
  • How-to Guides (15 Articles)
  • SPE Training videos (4 Articles)

    Core objective: Understanding technical essentials of using Phonexia technologies and products

    Duration: ~94 minutes (7 + 19 + 22 + 23 + 23 min chapters)

    • intended for product architects or developers
    • assumes you have already watched Phonexia technologies introduction video
    • assumes understanding of
      • working in command line
      • REST API principles
      • processing JSON or XML

    Introduction (7 min)

    • technologies recap
    • CLI, REST and GUI interfaces overview

  • Best Practices (4 Articles)

9 Articles