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Phonexia Speech Engine Component

Phonexia Speech Engine (SPE) component is the REST API.

This interface is designed for developers who want to integrate Phonexia speech technologies.


For REST API documentation for our latest version of SPE, please head to

  • Technologies Available (SPE) (13 Articles)

    The Speech Engine can include one technology or combination of the following technologies (depends on configuration).

    Main technologies providing high value:

    Basic technologies to help reaching accurate results:

    • Gender Identification (GID)
    • Age Estimation (AGE)
    • Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
    • Speech Quality Estimator (SQE)
    • Time Analysis Extraction (TAE)
    • Phoneme Recogniser (PHNREC) – multiple languages supported
    • Waveform Denoiser (DENOISER)

21 Articles