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Gender Identification (GID)

Gender Identification is a language-, domain- and channel-independent technology that uses the acoustic characteristics of the recording to determine the gender of the speaker in question. This technology is able to distinguish between two genders: Male (M) and Female (F).

  • Minimum of speech signal for identification: 7+ sec recommended with XL5, XL4 and L4 model (9+ sec for previous generation of XL3 and L3 models)
  • Output scoring: log-likelihood ratio (LLR) and score (0-1). Score can be interpreted as percentage by multiplying the score by 100.

Typical use cases:

  • filtering calls by gender,
  • playing advertisement focused on specific gender,
  • getting quick demographic analysis of the recordings.

The speed of Gender Identification is up to 150 FtRT (depending on the model).

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