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Download Speech Platform

Step #1 – Download

This package allows new users to try and evaluate all Phonexia speech technologies easily, either directly using Speech Engine (via REST API), or using the demo/testing GUI application named Phonexia Browser.

Hardware requirements
recommended:  Intel Core i7 or better, 32 GB RAM, 10+ GB storage (SSD preferred)
minimum:           Intel Core i5, 16 GB RAM, 10 GB storage (SSD preferred)
See also additional information on Recommended OS and HW page.


Speech Platform 3.59.0 for Windows 64-bit 4 GB


Speech Platform 3.59.0 for Linux 64-bit 4 GB

    ⓘ Package content
    • Speech Engine – technologies included:
      • Speech To Text (STT) – model EN_US_6 (US English)
      • Keyword Spotting (KWS) – model EN_US_6 (US English)
      • Phoneme Recognizer (PHNREC) – model EN_US_6 (US English)
      • Speaker Identification 4 (SID4) – model XL5
      • Diarization (DIAR) – model XL4
      • Language Identification (LID) – model L4
      • Gender Identification (GID) – model XL5
      • Age Estimation (AGE) ) – model XL5
      • Voice Activity Detection (VAD) – model GENERIC_3 and SID4_XL5
      • Speech Quality Estimation (SQE)
      • Time Analysis Extraction (TAE)
      • Waveform Denoiser (DENOISER)
    • Phonexia Browser
    • example audio
      (in ./BROWSER/example/ and ./SPE/bsapi/{technology}/example/)

    Step #2 – First start

    To get started, please follow one of the two methods:

    1. Embedded mode – most effortless setup, but some options are unavailable
    2. Standalone mode – the recommended setup that requires an extra manual step in Commandline

    Step #3 – REST API documentation

    Please check the additional information about using the REST API endpoints at Speech Engine REST API documentation

    Step #4 – Further video tutorials

    See the videos in  the SPE Training videos section

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