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Download Speech Platform

Step #1 – Download

Try and evaluate all Phonexia speech technologies either via REST API using Speech Engine, or using the demo/testing GUI application named Phonexia Browser.

Hardware requirements
recommended:  Intel Core i7 or better, 32 GB free RAM, 10+ GB storage (SSD preferred)
minimum:           Intel Core i5, 16 GB free RAM, 10 GB storage (SSD preferred)

To prevent various issues and malfunctions, please take the free RAM requirement seriously. See also additional information on Recommended OS and HW page.

While downloading, you can check the updates: Speech Engine changes and Browser changes.


Speech Platform 3.60.1 for Windows 64-bit 4 GB


Speech Platform 3.60.1 for Linux 64-bit 4 GB

    To keep the download size reasonable, the package includes only English models for Speech To Text and Keyword Spotting. Additional supported languages are available upon request.

    ⓘ Click to show/hide the package content
    • Speech Engine – technologies included:
      • Speech To Text (STT) – model EN_US_6 (US English)
      • Keyword Spotting (KWS) – model EN_US_6 (US English)
      • Phoneme Recognizer (PHNREC) – model EN_US_6 (US English)
      • Speaker Identification 4 (SID4) – model XL5
      • Diarization (DIAR) – model XL4
      • Language Identification (LID) – model L4
      • Gender Identification (GID) – model XL5
      • Age Estimation (AGE) ) – model XL5
      • Voice Activity Detection (VAD) – model GENERIC_3 and SID4_XL5
      • Speech Quality Estimation (SQE)
      • Time Analysis Extraction (TAE)
      • Waveform Denoiser (DENOISER)
    • Phonexia Browser
    • example audio
      (in ./BROWSER/example/ and ./SPE/bsapi/{technology}/example/)

    Step #2 – First start

    To get started, please follow one of the two methods:

    1. Embedded mode – most effortless setup, but some options are unavailable
    2. Standalone mode – the recommended setup, requiring some manual steps using command line

    Further information resources

    • Speech Engine REST API documentation
      offline: {SPE_directory}/doc/api_reference.html or http://{SPE_address:port}/doc
    • Speech Engine technical documentation
      check the Speech Engine section and the “Understand…” articles listed in the left menu
    • tutorials and training videos
      see technologies introduction video below and SPE Training videos section

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