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Language Identification – Languages

Recognized languages

Languages pre-trained in the default language pack are listed in the table below, each LID generation is a separate column (in the 4th generation we switched to using language tags instead of names):

L4 L3, XL3 S2, L2 (deprecated
sq-AL    Albanian Albanian Albanian
am-ET    Amharic Amharic Amharic
ar-EG    Arabic (Egypt) Arabic  
ar-KW    Arabic (Gulf, Kuwait) Arabic_Gulf  
ar-IQ    Arabic (Iraq) Arabic_Iraqi Arabic_Iraqi
ar-XL    Arabic (Levantine) Arabic_Levantine Arabic_Levantine
ar-MA    Arabic (Maghrebi) Arabic_Maghrebi  
arb      Arabic (MSA) Arabic_MSA Arabic_MSA
as-IN    Assamese    
az-AZ    Azerbaijani Azerbaijani Azerbaijani
bn-BD    Bengali (Bangladesh) Bangla_Bengali Bangla_Bengali
be-BY    Belarusian    
bg-BG    Bulgarian    
my-MM    Burmese Burmese Burmese
ceb-PH   Cebuano    
zh-HK    Chinese (Cantonese, Hong Kong) Chinese_Cantonese Chinese_Cantonese
zh-CN    Chinese (Mandarin, China) Chinese_Mandarin Chinese_Mandarin
nan-CN   Chinese (Min Nan) Chinese_Dialects  
wuu-CN   Chinese (Wu) Chinese_Dialects  
cv-RU    Chuvash    
  Creole Creole
cs-CZ    Czech Czech Czech
fa-AF    Dari Dari Dari
nl       Dutch    
en-US    English (United States) English_American English_American
en-GB    English (United Kingdom) English_British English_British
en-IN    English (India) English_Indian  
fr       French French French
ka-GE    Georgian Georgian Georgian
de       German German German
el-GR    Greek Greek Greek
gn       Guarani    
ht-HT    Haitian Creole    
ha       Hausa Hausa Hausa
  Hebrew Hebrew
hi-IN    Hindi Hindi Hindi
hu-HU    Hungarian Hungarian  
id-ID    Indonesian Indonesian Indonesian
it       Italian Italian Italian
ja-JP    Japanese Japanese Japanese
kk-KZ    Kazakh    
km       Khmer Khmer Khmer
ko-KR    Korean Korean Korean
ku       Kurdish    
lo-LA    Lao Lao Lao
lt-LT    Lithuanian    
lb-LU    Luxembourgish    
mk-MK    Macedonian Macedonian Macedonian
nd-ZW    Ndebele Ndebele Ndebele
om       Oromo Afan_Oromo Afan_Oromo
ps       Pashto Pashto Pashto
fa-IR    Persian (Iraq) Farsi Farsi
pl-PL    Polish Polish Polish
pt       Portuguese Portuguese Portuguese
pa       Punjabi Punjabi  
ro-RO    Romanian    
rn-BI    Rundi Kirundi_Kinyarwanda Kirundi_Kinyarwanda
ru-RU    Russian Russian Russian
sh       Serbo-Croat-Bosnian Serbian Serbian
sh       Serbo-Croat-Bosnian Croatian Croatian
sh       Serbo-Croat-Bosnian Bosnian Bosnian
sn       Shona Shona Shona
sk-SK    Slovak Slovak Slovak
sl-SI    Slovenian    
so       Somali Somali Somali
es-XA    Spanish (America)    
es-ES    Spanish (Europe) Spanish Spanish
sw       Swahili Swahili Swahili
sv-SE    Swedish Swedish  
tl-PH    Tagalog Tagalog  
ta       Tamil Tamil Tamil
te-IN    Telugu    
th-TH    Thai Thai Thai
bo       Tibetan Tibetan Tibetan
ti       Tigrignya Tigrigna Tigrigna
tpi-PG   Tok Pisin    
tr-TR    Turkish Turkish Turkish
uk-UA    Ukrainian Ukrainian Ukrainian
ur       Urdu Urdu Urdu
uz-UZ    Uzbek Uzbek Uzbek
vi-VN    Vietnamese Vietnamese Vietnamese
zu       Zulu    
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