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Speech To Text / Keyword Spotting supported languages

Languages supported by Speech To Text and Keyword Spotting

Standard = Maintained until newer generation is released, or end of support is reached.
Language generation is specified by the number in “Model name”.

Language (region) Model name Released End of support Maintenance
Arabic (Gulf, Kuwait) AR_KW_6 2022-04 8th gen. Standard
Arabic (Levantine) AR_XL_6 2021-05 8th gen. Standard
AR_XL_5 2020-08 7th gen. Standard
Bengali BN_6 2022-11 8th gen. Standard
Chinese (Mandarin, China) ZH_CN_6 2022-06 8th gen. Standard
Croatian (Croatia) HR_HR_6 2021-05 8th gen. Standard
Croatian (Croatia) HR_HR_5 2020-07 7th gen. Standard
Czech (Czech Republic) CS_CZ_6 2021-03 8th gen. Standard
CS_CZ_5 2018-12 7th gen. Standard
Dutch (Netherlands and Belgium) NL_6 2022-09 8th gen. Standard
NL_NL_5 2018-12 7th gen. Standard
English (United States) EN_US_6 2021-10 8th gen. Standard
EN_US_A_6 2021-10 8th gen. On project basis
EN_US_5 2019-06 7th gen. Standard
EN_US_A_5 2020-06 7th gen. On project basis
Farsi (Iran and Afghanistan) FA_6 2022-01 8th gen. Standard
French (France) FR_FR_6 2021-05 8th gen. Standard
FR_FR_5 2020-03 7th gen. Standard
Georgian (Georgia) KA_GE_6 2022-09 8th gen. Standard
German (Germany and Austria) DE_DE_6 2022-09 8th gen. Standard
(Beta – only Keyword Spotting)
HU1 2014-09 On project basis
Italian (Italy) IT_IT_6 2022-06 8th gen. Standard
Kazakh (Kazakhstan) KK_KZ_6 2022-11 8th gen. Standard
Pashto (Afghanistan) PS_6 2021-05 8th gen. Standard
PS_5 2021-02 7th gen. Standard
Polish (Poland) PL_PL_6 2022-04 8th gen. Standard
PL_PL_5 2018-07 7th gen. Standard
Serbian (Serbia) SR_RS_6 2023-04 8th gen. Standard
Spanish (mix) ES_6 2021-11 8th gen. Standard
Spanish ES_ES_5 2019-07 7th gen. Standard
Russian (Russia) RU_RU_6 2022-06 8th gen. Standard
RU_RU_A_6 2022-06 8th gen. On project basis
RU_RU_5 2019-06 7th gen. Standard
RU_RU_A_5 2020-03 7th gen. On project basis
Slovak (Slovakia) SK_SK_6 2022-01 8th gen. Standard
SK_SK_5 2019-03 7th gen. Standard
Swedish (Sweden) SV_SE_6 2021-05 8th gen. Standard
SV_SE_5 2020-04 7th gen. Standard
Turkish (Turkey) TR_TR_6 2022-01 8th gen. Standard
Ukrainian (Ukraine) UK_UA_6 2023-04 8th gen. Standard
Vietnamese (Vietnam) VI_VN_6 2021-10 8th gen. Standard

Deprecated languages/models (not supported, after end-of-life)

Older/other languages or models not listed in the above table are no longer supported and reached end-of-life. These are 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation models, typically marked with a number 1, 2, 3 or 4 in the model name.


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