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Understand SPE administration and backup

Each Partner has their own administration and back up policy. Here, we highlight the most important SPE components to be administrated and backed up.


It is strongly recommended to describe your own administration approach with the following components

  • SPE users (accounts) – Partner should maintain list of SPE users (accounts). There should be only few persons with “admin” role. All other should be with “user” role (one user does not see content of other user). See Understand SPE user accounts for details.
  • user.home – where the server stores the users data, see Understand SPE home directory for details
  • LOG files – log file rotation is configured in, see Understand SPE configuration file for details
  • SPE database administration – where the temporary results are stored, see Understand SPE database for details


System backup should be performed before any update or upgrade of the SPE. It is strongly recommended to back up mainly the following components of the system:

  • SPE database – the technology models, SPE user accounts, etc. are stored here
  • SPE configuration file (usually /settings/
  • technologies configuration file (usually /settings/ technologies.xml, or see for details)
  • licensing file (license.dat, usually stored along to phxspe.exe, or see for details)

Optimally, Partner should backup also the following

  • entire SPE directory [optional], with all subdirectories (/bsapi/, etc.)
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