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Releases and Changelogs (Browser)

Phonexia Browser v3 (Browser3) is developed as client on top of Phonexia Speech Engine v3.
Phonexia Browser is a successor of Phonexia Speech Intelligence Resolver v1 (SIR1).


VersionRelease DateEnd of SupportMaintained UntilRelease type


Phonexia Browser 3.45.0, BSAPI 3.45.0 (2021-10-08) (Public release)

  • New: Compatibility with SPE 3.45
  • + all changes included in Feature Preview release 3.42 (see below)

Phonexia Browser 3.42.0, BSAPI 3.42.1 (2021-08-24) (Feature Preview release)

  • New: Server Information dialog
  • New: Widget and dialog for managing language models
  • New: Dialog for creating new language pack
  • Improved: Language pack widget – add/remove language packs, show metafiles and language details

Phonexia Browser 3.40.5, BSAPI 3.40.5 (2021-08-20) (Public release)

  • Improved: Contacts updated in About dialog

Phonexia Browser 3.40.4, BSAPI 3.40.4 (2021-06-10) (Public release)

  • Changed: SID Evaluator – do not interrupt processing when an error occurs, but view all errors and continue creating the evaluation set
  • Fixed: SID Evaluator – invalid GID score values
  • Fixed: SID Evaluator – missing SQE information in report
  • Fixed: SID Evaluator – don’t save disabled recordings to evaluation set

Phonexia Browser 3.40.3, BSAPI 3.40.4 (2021-05-28) (Public release)

  • Fixed: Some minor bugs in licensing system

Phonexia Browser 3.40.2, BSAPI 3.40.2 (2021-05-04) (Public release)

  • Fixed: Sample rate in opus files is incorrect

Phonexia Browser 3.40.1, BSAPI 3.40.1 (2021-04-20) (Public release)

  • Fixed: Cursor showing values in DET plot may skip some values
  • Fixed: Some licensing error messages are not shown in log

Phonexia Browser 3.40.0, BSAPI 3.40.0 (2021-03-26) (Public release)

  • New: Compatibility with SPE 3.40
  • Changed: Using new licensing system under the hood (internal change)
    • NOTE: When using Browser with FLS (Floating License Server), you need to upgrade FLS to version 2.x in order to be able to use Browser 3.40+ with FLS.

Phonexia Browser v3.30.13, BSAPI 3.30.14 (2021-03-25) (Public release)

  • Fixed: One more issue in detection of certain USB license tokens

Phonexia Browser v3.35.3, BSAPI 3.35.4 (2021-02-23) (Public release)

  • Fixed: Transcription result may display some words in wrong order
  • Fixed: Browser doesn’t allow to set user calibration values below 0

Phonexia Browser v3.35.2, BSAPI 3.35.2 – Oct 21 2020 (Public release)

  • Fixed: Speaker identification dialog in WaveEditor which did not work for SID4
  • Fixed: detection of certain USB license tokens

Phonexia Browser v3.35.0, BSAPI 3.35.0 – Oct 02 2020 (Public release)

  • New: Compatibility with SPE 3.35

Phonexia Browser v3.30.12, BSAPI 3.30.11 – Aug 20 2020 (Public release)

  • Fixed: Transcription results intermittently displays words in wrong order
  • Versions 3.30.9, 3.30.10 and 3.30.11 were skipped

Phonexia Browser v3.31.3, BSAPI 3.30.11 – Aug 20 2020 (Feature Preview release)

  • Fixed: Transcription results intermittently displays words in wrong order

Phonexia Browser v3.31.2, BSAPI 3.31.0 – Jul 24 2020 (Feature Preview release)

  • Fixed: STT result version mismatch

Phonexia Browser v3.31.1, BSAPI 3.31.0 – Jul 08 2020 (Feature Preview release)

  • New: Browser now requires CentOS 7 or other Linux based OS with glibc >= 2.17
  • Version 3.31.0 was skipped

Phonexia Browser v3.30.8, BSAPI 3.30.8 – Jun 29 2020 (Public release)

  • Fixed: SID Evaluator – folder selection dialog does not allow to select existing folder
  • Fixed: SID Evaluator – button “Display chart” can cause application crash
  • Fixed: SID Evaluator – comparation loading dialog is overlaid by graph window
  • Improved: SID Evaluator – unfriendly chart axes labels in results page details

Phonexia Browser v3.30.0, BSAPI 3.30.0 – Mar 27 2020 (Public release)

  • Fixed: Target and non-target graphs in SID evaluator are swapped
  • Fixed: PDF chart could be empty in the SID evaluator report
  • Fixed: JSON parsing error during evaluation set creation when some file doesn’t contain any speech
  • Updated: Synchronize versioning with BSAPI

Phonexia Browser v3.26.0, BSAPI 3.26.0 – Feb 28 2020 (Feature Preview release)

  • Updated: Updated BSAPI

Phonexia Browser v3.25.1, BSAPI 3.25.0 – Feb 03 2020 (Feature Preview release)

  • Fixed: missing library on Windows

Phonexia Browser v3.25.0, BSAPI 3.25.0 – Jan 30 2020 (Feature Preview release)

  • Updated: Updated BSAPI

Phonexia Browser v3.24.0, BSAPI 3.24.0 – Dec 17 2019 (Feature Preview release)

  • Fixed: Sorting of columns is not working

Phonexia Browser v3.23.0, BSAPI 3.23.0 – Nov 01 2019 (Feature Preview release)

  • Updated: Changed version to 3.23.0 to synchronize with BSAPI and SPE
  • Updated: Updated BSAPI

Phonexia Browser v3.18.2, BSAPI 3.22.0 – Jan 14 2020

  • Fixed: Sorting by clicking on column headers not working properly

Phonexia Browser v3.18.1, BSAPI 3.22.0 – Dec 09 2019

  • Fixed: Opening a recording in WaveEditor fails on Windows if path to temporary directory contains certain accented characters
  • Fixed: Licensing errors not visible before exiting application

Phonexia Browser v3.18.0, BSAPI 3.22.0 – Oct 03 2019

  • New: Waveform editor can now process stereo file by Diarization in per-channel mode
  • New: Added Gender balance and Score sharpness in Settings -> Scoring
  • New: Multiple columns in Result pane can be turned on/off at once using context menu
  • New: Minimum speech length changed to 7 seconds
  • Fixed: LID results information chart is not updated according to selected language pack
  • Fixed: sorting results takes in account empty values

Phonexia Browser v3.17.0, BSAPI 3.21.0 – Jul 01 2019

  • [G#106] Added possibility to activate/deactivate created filter rules
  • [G#125] Running Browser in “embedded SPE” mode now creates SPE log file (phxspe.browser.log located in SPE log directory)

Phonexia Browser v3.16.1, BSAPI 3.20.1 – May 17 2019

  • [G#112] Fixed Denoiser which created duplicate recordings under specific circumstances
  • [G#127] Fixed comparison of SID Evaluation sets using Audio Source Profile

Phonexia Browser v3.16.0, BSAPI 3.20.0 – Apr 26 2019

  • Support for Audio Source Profiles
  • SID Evaluation wizard supports SID4

Phonexia Browser v3.15.0, BSAPI 3.19.1 – Mar 08 2019

  • [#115] First support for SID v4
  • [#117] Improved behavior of Enable/Disable All buttons in Settings->Speech Engine dialog
  • [#116] 32-bit Windows builds are not provided anymore
  • [#103] Waveform editor can open STT Confusion Network in label panel

Phonexia Browser v3.14.0, BSAPI 3.18.0 – Jan 29 2019

  • [#14] Password for server is optional
  • [#37] Configurable number of bins in PDF chart in SID evaluation
  • [#63] Ask user to create new keyword list if selected list is not valid
  • [#75] Added Quick Setup Guide (Main menu -> Edit -> Quick Setup Guide) to configure embedded SPE
  • [#77] Made context menu more consistent in SID evaluation
  • [#78] Added close button to waveform editor in SID evaluation wizard
  • [#81] Redesigned buttons in SID evaluation wizard
  • [#87] Added information dialog during license checking
  • [#93] Browser could be started in different working directory (CWD)
  • [#95] Added server load and license information to context menu of localhost
  • [#99] Fixed pass correct license file path to embedded SPE if license is not in the Browser’s directory
  • [#105] Fixed filtering by recording length and speech length didn’t work

Phonexia Browser v3.13.1, BSAPI 3.17.0 – Nov 19 2018

  • [G#79] Dropdown buttons in SID Evaluation wizard results page can get hidden without user knowing about them
  • [G#90] Fixed synchronize properly items in View menu when layout is reseted
  • [G#88] Fixed graphs in LID detail view may show incorrect values
  • [G#36] Added Phoneme Recognizer
  • [G#62] Use Qt 5
  • [G#85] Added speech length to SQE detail view
  • [G#84] Support for phrases in keyword lists
  • [G#76] Fixed remove metafile from speaker model during creating new one
  • [G#74] Fixed SID Evaluation results are different from comandline if calibrated VPs are used

Phonexia Browser v3.12.1, BSAPI 3.16.0 – Sep 04 2018

  • [#70] Fixed Denoiser is not recognized in a embeded SPE

Phonexia Browser v3.12.0, BSAPI 3.16.0 – Aug 17 2018

  • [#56] Added support for Denoiser technology * process recording from context menu in test table
  • [#53] Fixed error “Authorisation failed” during starting embedded SPE server
  • [#52] Fixed wrong displaying of time of very long length audio files
  • [#3] Changed minimum speech length for calibrated voiceprint to 60 s
  • [#51] Fixed application crash when embedded SPE crash
  • [#61] Added Spanish translation

Phonexia Browser v3.11.3, BSAPI 3.15.0 – Jun 4 2018

  • [G#49] Fixed possible application crash on Windows

Phonexia Browser v3.11.2, BSAPI 3.15.0 – May 22 2018

  • [G#46] Fixed wrong file names after opening an existing evaluation set or when export data

Phonexia Browser v3.11.1, BSAPI 3.15.0 – May 18 2018

  • [G#35] Fixed sorting of score in LID and SID result information widgets
  • [G#41] Calibrated speaker VP status indication in speaker view
  • [G#43] Prevent closing graph in SID evaluator by Alt+F4

Phonexia Browser v3.11.0, BSAPI 3.15.0 – Mar 15 2018

  • [G#29] Fixed unable to open short recordings in waveform editor
  • [G#5] Fixed wrong user information causes the browser to show loading indefinitely
  • [G#30] Fixed playback may not work on some systems
  • [G#25] Prepare speaker model/group with calibration set
  • [G#2] 32-bit Linux build is not available anymore

Phonexia Browser v3.10.2, BSAPI 3.14.0 – Jan 26 2018

  • [G#22] Fixed FAR and FRR in Error rate plot were swapped
  • [G#23] Fixed file name suffix now starts with ‘1’ when split the file by diarization
  • [G#27] Fixed SID Evaluation wizard can’t create a report if server doesn’t support Diarization
  • [G#21] Unified SID terminology

Phonexia Browser v3.10.1, BSAPI 3.14.0 – Dec 6 2017

  • [#5068] Speed up preparing of calibration set
  • [#5036] Use own configuration file for local SPE – original configuration file of SPE is not changed anymore
  • [#4542] Better error message when calibration set contains invalid recordings
  • [#5195] Added wizard for creating SID calibration set
  • [#5047] Added tracers to SID evaluation wizards which are synchronized across all graphs
  • [#5112] Added FAR an FRR to tracer labels to Error rate and PDF plots in SID evaluation graphs
  • [#5050] Presentation mode in graphs in SID evaluation
  • [#5141] Added limitation of processing time or processed files in SID evaluation/calibration wizards
  • [#5131] Calibration set is automatically prepared after upload new file or after calibration wizard finish
  • [#4903] FAR of calibration set is stored on server side

Phonexia Browser v3.9.1, BSAPI 3.13.0 – Sep 11 2017

  • [#4941] SID/LID Info widgets can copy results to clipboard
  • [#4975] Keyword spotting button in toolbar is not disabled anymore in case of invalid keyword-list is selected
  • [#4976] Waveform editor now distinguish KWS/Diar technology models (it is possible to open results for more models at once)
  • [#4979] SID models status indication
  • [#4979] User can prepare SID model/group by context menu
  • [#4980] Show speech length for speaker models
  • [#5041] Fixed processing a lot of files in SID evaluation cause application crash

Phonexia Browser v3.8.2, BSAPI 3.12.0 – Jun 29 2017

  • Added SID Evaluation (Beta)
  • Minor fixes
  • Support for SPE 3.8.x

Phonexia Browser v3.7.0, BSAPI 3.11.0 – Mar 29 2017

  • Minor fixes
  • Support for SPE 3.7.x

Phonexia Browser v3.6.0, BSAPI 3.10.1 – Dec 15 2016

  • [#4193] Fixed STT widget show wrong time labels for long recordings
  • [#4325, #4292] Support for SPE 3.6.x

Phonexia Browser v3.5.0, BSAPI 3.9.1 – Oct 19 2016

  • Fixed multi-channel recordings might not be processed by STT for the first time
  • Added “Copy text” to context menu of STT widget in Waveform editor
  • Support for SPE 3.5.x

Phonexia Browser v3.4.0, BSAPI 3.8.0 – Sep 21 2016

  • Fixed do not show second label panel in waveform editor when double-click on result
  • Fixed import of the speaker models may get stuck
  • Support SPE in arbitrary folder (configurable in settings dialog)
  • Waveform editor shows length of multi-selection
  • Categorize age into groups
  • If no speaker model exist, ask user to create new one
  • Support for SPE 3.4.x

Phonexia Browser v3.3.1, BSAPI 3.6.1 – Aug 15 2016

  • Fixed do not remove calibration set when remove last file
  • Fixed listing directories in localhost in sources view

Phonexia Browser v3.3.0, BSAPI 3.6.1 – Jul 13 2016

  • Rename application to Phonexia Browser
  • Fixed Waveform Editor time axis can show more than 1 hour
  • Fixed KWS, LID and CalibSet widgets does not respond on technology model changes
  • Fixed abort uploading files leave unfinished requests
  • Fixed communication with REST in Windows sometimes failed
  • Added support for Drag&Drop between storage, speaker model and calibration sets
  • Basic support for MLF files in Waveform Editor (only by Drag&Drop)
  • Added Age Estimator technology
  • Added enable/disable all technologies and technology models in REST tab in settings dialog
  • Added server load statistics dialog
  • Added administration dialog (user management, server licences status) – only for administrators
  • Added validation of graphemes when creating new keyword
  • Added validation of phonemes when creating new keyword pronunciation
  • Added support for FLAC and OPUS files
  • User can change own password
  • Diarization result contains number of detected speakers

Phonexia Browser v3.1.1, BSAPI 3.5.0 – Feb 29 2016

  • Fixed wrong encoding in SID models and keyword lists
  • Fixed change REST working directory caused error on server
  • Fixed detection state of audio converter in REST settings

Phonexia Browser v3.1.0, BSAPI 3.5.0 – Feb 25 2016

  • Support for REST 3.1.x
  • Removed clear results from context menu in test table
  • Removed export results from context menu in test table
  • Removed settings for gender score sharpness and gender balance
  • Removed result database
  • Technologies has configurable technology models
  • New configuration tab in settings dialog for configuring REST technologies
  • Add speech to text (STT) technology to main toolbar and result table

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