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Adding new language or technology model (Browser)

This article explains how to add a new technology model into the current Speech Engine (SPE) instance when using Phonexia Browser.


To proceed, you need to have existing installation of SPE. If you do not have one, check other articles, especially:

Note: Installation packages with new language models are custom created and provided to you by your assigned Phonexia contact. As the language models are version dependent, we need to know the exact version of the Speech Engine you have.

Version of installation package must match the version of your SPE.

How to check SPE version

In the Phonexia Browser right click on the SPE server -> Server Info. 

You should see the output similar to this:

Please share this SPE version number with your Phonexia contact/or through support ticket (in the above example 3.50.5) .

Installation of new models

In our example, we will install Spanish (ES_6) model of Speech to Text and Keyword Spotting (with Phoneme Recognizer) into existing installation of Phonexia Browser.

Installation of new language or technology model can be done in the following steps:

  1. Unzip installation package with new models to a temporary directory.
  2. Each installation package will contain  phxadmin (Linux) or phxadmin.exe (Windows) binary.
  3. When Phonexia Browser is stopped, move the new models from the bsapi directory to the bsapi directory in your SPE installation.
  4. In our example, we are adding new Spanish model (ES_6 technology model) of Speech to Text and Keyword Spotting (with Phoneme Recognizer). When you install new languages or models, they are turned off by default and need to be enabled in Phonexia Browser.
  5. To turn new models on, open Phonexia Browser:
    1. go to Settings
    2. Switch to Speech Engine tab
    3. Open STT (Speech to Text) Technology
    4. Select the newly added model ( in our example ES_6)
    5. Click Apply
    6. Restart Server
    7. Click OK

    8. Optionally: you can disable the models you will not be using by clicking the red X next to them in the Settings. (Do not forget to click Apply and Restart Server.)

You can see that the newly added Spanish (ES_6 technology model) now appears as available model and you can enable it.

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