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FAQ Speech Platform

Q: How can we test Phonexia technologies?

Q: What are the supported audio formats?

Q: How to fix Error 1007: Unsupported audio format?

Q: What languages do you offer?

Q: How to fix the Error 1013: Unsupported: Server does not support authentication with token?

Q: What is the difference between on-the-fly and off-line type of speech to text transcription (STT)?

Q: How do you calculate SNR in Speech Quality Estimation?

Q: How can I add new language to LID?

Q: How can I tell in which format the .wav file is?

Q: Do the language-prints (LPs) extracted from audio sources depend on the currently available language pack?

Q: What are the recommendations for LID adaptation set?

Q: How to know what technologies are running on the server?

Q: How to choose answer format from server (xml/json)?

Q: I am getting SPE related error after starting the Browser (e.g. SPE server crashed, Error Downloading…, unable to connect to the SPE server, unable to start the localhost…)

Q: Why does the system show high score (>90%) even for non-targets?

Q: What do LLR, LR and score mean?

Q: I can’t manage to run Phonexia Browser software. I always get an error.

Q: My NET license has stopped working, returning “Not enough free licenses” error.

Q: My HW license has stopped working, returning “HW configuration has been changed” error.

Q: What to do with the ApplicationStartup: Unhandled exception: BsapiException error?

Q: How do I get results for a pending operation?

Q: We prefer USB dongle but without the USB storage

Q: What types of integration do you offer?

Q: What are the requirements for SID evaluation dataset?

Q: Which authentication options are allowed by the server and how does it work?

Q: While trying to install SPE3, I get the error for loading libraries