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I get “Server failed to return a valid response” on login page

Basic package for desktop contains the following components, technologies & models

Hardware requirements for basic package

Speech Engine

Phonexia Browser

Voice Inspector

Q: What is the approximate implementation time?

Q: Does Voice Verify provide information about gender, age or language used by a speaker during a verification?

Q: Can stereo recordings be used for enrollment?

Q: What are the audio/stream quality requirements?

Q: What version of VMware is required?

Are my data imported into Phonexia Orbis stored securely?

Is Phonexia Orbis stand alone service? Not dependent on any external cloud based type of application?

Q: Difference between on-the-fly and off-line type of transcription (STT)

Q: How do you calculate SNR in Speech Quality Estimation?

Q: How can I tell in which format the .wav file is?

Q: Do the language-prints (LPs) extracted from audio sources depend on the currently available language pack?

Q: Please give me a recommendation for LID adaptation set.

Q: How can you get the info about technologies running on the server?

Q: How to choose answer format from server (xml/json)?

Q: I am getting SPE related error after starting the Browser (e.g. SPE server crashed, Error Downloading…, unable to connect to the SPE server, unable to start the localhost…)

Q: My NET license has stopped working, returning “Not enough free licenses” error.

Q: My HW license has stopped working, returning “HW configuration has been changed” error.

Q: I found the following error: ApplicationStartup: Unhandled exception: BsapiException. What does it mean?

Q: Please describe how to get the results for a pending operation.

Q: With regard to the using HW license or USB dongle, the customer prefers dongle but they don’t want the USB storage.

Q: What types of integration do you offer?

Q: When I start VIN software, it gives me “License is not for this application” error.

Q: When I start VIN software, it gives me “License expired” error.

Q: Which authentication options are allowed by the server and how does it work?

Q: While trying to install SPE3, I get the error for loading libraries.