Evaluation Package

You can find installation packages, instructions and process flow recommendation on this page.
To be able to start evaluating Phonexia Technologies you need to receive the installation password and testing license from your Phonexia contact. Contact info@phonexia.com for more information.

Phonexia Evaluation Package 3.14.2 for windows

The Evaluation Package includes both REST API based Speech Engine (SPE) and Phonexia Browser (GUI). That allows you to test Phonexia technologies in a simple client application (Phonexia Browser).
If you would like to test Speech Engine (SPE) without GUI, see the the SPE REST API documentation.
Technologies available in the evaluation package are STT (EN), KWS (EN), SID, LID, GID, AGE, DIAR, TAE, SQE, VAD.

How to install and run Phonexia Evaluation Package.

  1. Download the package above
  2. Unzip the package
  3. Insert the license.dat into the root folder (contact your Phonexia Sales manager for the evaluation license)
  4. You can take a look on the Phonexia Browser User Manual available in the folder Browser/PHXBrowser_manual.pdf
  5. Run: run_browser.cmd

Before testing the Evaluation Package, it might be useful for you to see the 35 minutes video Phonexia Product Training presentation, Video explains the basic information, that are available for the testing on your own data in Phonexia Browser.

Additional notes

  • All language dependent technologies contain American English models as default. If you want to use other languages, contact your Phonexia Sales Manager to get the correct license file and download the new language pack.
  • For Linux evaluation package, please contact your Phonexia Sales manager