Speech Engine 3.35.3, DB v1601, BSAPI 3.35.3 (2020-11-24)


  • Internal support for SAMPA phonetic alphabet
  • Updated STT model RU_RU_A to version 4.5.0 of (updated language model)
  • Updated STT/KWS/PHNREC model AR_XL to version 5.2.0 (updated language model, changed phonemes notation to X-SAMPA)


  • Cannot create new output stream due to hanging unfinished tasks
  • Task is not removed from pool when result is delivered via Webhook
  • Some log messages contain format placeholder instead of numbers
  • Missing <silence/> label in STT confusion network output
  • STT confusion network contains <silence/> tags with confidence greater than 1.0
  • Diarization crashes during processing
  • Diarization XL4 crashes on file with no speech
  • SID voiceprint extraction on stream is affected by previous run
  • Incorrect number of LID L4 languages in documentation


  • Database drop scripts
  • Updated document doc/Phonemes_for_STT_and_KWS.pdf
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