Speech Engine 3.35.0, DB v1600, BSAPI 3.35.0 (2020-10-01)


  • LID model L4 was promoted to production (LID BETA_L4 renamed to LID L4)
  • Added new language tag documentation (doc/Technology_LID_L4_Language_tags.pdf)
  • Updated STT model CS_CZ_5 to version 5.2.1 (fixes faulty transcription of numbers into Roman format)
  • Added configurable STT Confusion Network threshold (in technology configuration file)


  • STT didn’t work with 4th and older generation models after introduction of the Preferred phrases feature in SPE 3.32
  • Update from SPE 3.30 causes errors in STT result cache
  • memory leak in logging system
  • Typo in name of es-XA language in LID model L4 default language pack (es-XA7 -> es-XA)
  • Time Analysis segfaults on audio with 3+ channels
  • vpextract_s_calib.bs config file not working
  • WebSocket reply to PING control frame does not follow the protocol specification

NOTE: Due to the change in STT results content, all STT results will be removed from cache (database) during update!

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