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Orbis 1.2.0 Release Notes


  • Advanced Voice Search
    Based on the requests from experienced users who have asked for more detailed information about the results provided by our technology, we are introducing a brand new feature – Advanced Voice Search. With this specific view, you can find the most matching voices for a selected recording with just one click – all ranked by score.
  • Case size grows to 10,000 files
    We increased the maximum case storage size from 1k to 10k recordings.

  • Flow-through Case
    In certain cases, there is a need to handle a continuous stream of high audio loads without having to store everything within the system. Now, you can switch such a Case to the Flow-through Case mode and upload a practically unlimited number of recordings for analysis. A FIFO algorithm is used to automatically remove the older entries.

Limitations (known issues)

  • Recording metadata formats
    • Orbis doesn’t support metadata files in proprietary formats. Only Orbis JSON format is supported for metadata upload in current version.
      Solution: Convert your proprietary metadata format into the specified JSON format.
  • Hit feature
    • Due to the performance issues, the Hits are automatically calculated only on recording upload. When a new rule is defined the Hits recalculation is not perform automatically.
      Solution: Push the Recalculate hits button in the Hit rules section
  • Case access management
    • A user can create a new case. The user gets an immediate exclusive access to that case. Currently it’s not possible for the user to grant access to other users.
      Solution: This feature will be available in Q3 2022.
  • Network map
    • There is a limitation of maximal displayed items in network map.
      Solution: If the current time range is too wide to display all relations, you can narrow it down to show all results.
    • Only telephony recordings and assets are visualized on a graph.
  • Reporting
    • Report section is not available yet. Please let us know about your ideal report from the Phonexia Orbis.

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