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Orbis 1.1.0 Release Notes

  • Front-end data automatic synchronization
    Items displayed in the GUI are now automatically synchronized with each other and with the backend. Lack of this automation was the one of the most annoying “feature” of the previous versions. You can also use the Refresh button to force synchronization of Recordings and Hits, e.g. during the upload process.
  • Automatic files upload utility
    The utility for automatic files upload from user defined directory into the Orbis is ready to be used now.

  • Person Groups
    The Persons can be grouped into different logical groups within the Case.

  • ExternalID for Persons, Groups and Cases
    This feature is important for synchronization between Orbis and other systems. Use ExternalID as a reference ID for synchronize entities such as case number, suspects etc.

  • Maximal speech length for the voiceprint extraction
    To optimize performance, we used a constraint on the total length of speech captured during voiceprint extraction. This allows the Orbis system to perform more extractions per minute, especially for the longer audio recordings.

  • Only one channel processing
    To optimize performance, the option of processing only one channel (out of two) is introduced.

  • Hits optimization
    Previous versions were not optimized to detect many Hits on the system. Now the performance of Hits is optimized to easily detect and process hundreds of Hits in a single Case.

Limitations (known issues)

  • Maximum of 1000 recordings in one case
    • There is a limitation of 1000 recordings in one case in current version of Phonexia Orbis due to the performance issues.
      Solution: This limitation will be removed in Orbis v1.2.
  • Recording upload and processing
    • After upload the “In progress” status remains until the page is refreshed. This is a known UI bug.
      Solution: Please, refresh the list by changing the page or refresh (F5) the whole page (after the Upload progress is 100%).
  • Recording metadata formats
    • Orbis doesn’t support metadata files in proprietary formats. Only Orbis JSON format is supported for metadata upload in version 1.0.
      Solution: Convert your proprietary metadata format into the specified JSON format.
  • Hit feature
    • Due to the performance issues, the Hits are automatically calculated only on recording upload. When a new rule is defined the Hits recalculation is not perform automatically.
      Solution: Push the Recalculate hits button in the Hit rules section
  • Case access management
    • A user can create a new case. The user gets an immediate exclusive access to that case. Currently it’s not possible for the user to grant access to other users.
      Solution: We are working on solution, where the cases can be shared by the Orbis users.
  • Network map
    • In Orbis 1.1.0, there’s only a beta version of the network graph.
    • Known issues:
      • Graph layout is not well arranged.
      • Solution: Use Auto Layout function and manual positioning of nodes.
    • Only telephony recordings and assets are visualized on a graph.
    • Graph layout is not shared among users.
    • Only a limited amount of information about entities is displayed.
      • Solution: Use right-click on the entity to display more information
  • Reporting
    • Report section is not available yet. Please let us know about your ideal report from the Phonexia Orbis.
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