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About Phonexia Orbis

Phonexia Orbis is a revolutionary on-premise software solution that enables the rapid investigation of audio recordings. Powered by Phonexia’s state-of-the-art technologies for voice biometrics and speech recognition, the solution uncovers all important information from audio instantly and provides investigators and fraud departments with a modern, intuitive interface for managing case-specific notes, performing further analyses and visualizations.

Main Benefits

  • Resolve Cases Faster
    Put extracted information into context quickly. Phonexia Orbis is designed with an investigator in mind and focuses on effortless note taking, highly organized asset management, and straightforward reporting to link uncovered information together fast.

  • Eliminate Tiresome Routine
    Do not waste time on listening to every single audio recording manually. Instead, leave this routine work to Phonexia Orbis, and its technologies will highlight the parts of interest for you, allowing you to spend energy only on those most relevant recordings.

  • Analyze Key Findings First
    Stay laser focused. Phonexia Orbis displays audio recordings ordered based on their relevance derived from multiple criteria so you can quickly grasp the context and connect all the necessary dots, progressing from the most-related recording to the least.

Key Features

  • Automatic Speaker Recognition
    Phonexia Orbis recognizes voices automatically based on voice biometrics.
  • Smart Audio Player
    A smart audio player is incorporated into the Orbis UI. The player allows to play one or every track in the audio conversation, loopback play via one or more selections, visualize who is speaking in which track, play just voice parts of the audio and many others.
  • Hit Feature
    Users can specify the rules for highlighting audio based on desired criteria. The solution marks such recordings as a Hit, and a user can process these as a priority.
  • Speaker clustering
    While working with loads of audio files, user may use clustering feature to analyse the files automatically and group the individual speakers and their corresponding recordings.
  • Speech Transcription
    In Orbis edition that includes Speech to Text technology, user may let the audio be automatically or on demand transcribed in language chosen from the portfolio Phonexia Speech to Text offers.
  • Network Map
    The solution visualizes the relations between persons and assets based on time on a network map.
  • Persons, Assets and Relations
    The solution allows to manage persons’ profiles, assets, and relations via built-in entity management.
  • User and Case Management
    The system allows to manage users via built-in user management. The system allows putting audio recordings and other related entities available in the system into separate spaces called Cases.
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