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Orbis 1.4.0 Release Notes

  • Newest generation of Speaker Identification technology added
    Speaker identification technology verifies and authenticates speakers in seconds. The new generation has increased accuracy by 1 percentage point (a relative improvement of 33 %) – XL5 model vs. XL4 model that was previously in Orbis. The processing speed of the XL5 model is the same or faster than that of the XL4 model.
  • Speech to Text in Orbis
    New editions of Orbis Investigator may include also Speech to Text technology. This technology enables converting audio into the text for better and faster understanding of the content. Box with transcribed text is straight under the recording itself.
    Limitation: Transcription of text is provided for one chosen language per one Orbis instance.
  • Search for key words within transcribed text
    The transcribed recording allows full text search.
    If user is having an Orbis edition including Speech to Text technology, he/she may search for concrete words of interest within the text of the transcribed audio files by creating a new type of a so called hit rule. Receive a valuable information faster and more easily.
  • Easier work with player
    The player may from now on also be operated with the key shortcuts for quicker and more intuitive use. We added also several features to make your work with Orbis smoother.
  • Two editions
    Since version 1.4 Orbis is officially offered in two separate editions:

    • Investigator targeted at investigators from public sectors (law enforcement, intelligence…)
    • Investigator with Speech to Text

Limitations (known issues)

  • Recording metadata formats
    Orbis doesn’t support metadata files in proprietary formats. Only Orbis JSON format is supported for metadata upload in current version.
    Solution: Convert your proprietary metadata format into the specified JSON format.
  • Hit feature
    Due to the performance issues, the Hits are automatically calculated only on recording upload. When a new rule is defined the Hits recalculation is not perform automatically.
    Solution: Push the Recalculate hits button in the Hit rules section
  • Case access management
    A user can create a new case. The user gets an immediate exclusive access to that case. Currently it’s not possible for the user to grant access to other users.
  • Network map
    There is a limitation of maximal displayed items in network map.
    Solution: If the current time range is too wide to display all relations, you can narrow it down to show all results.
    Only telephony recordings and assets are visualized on a graph.
  • Limited duration of input audio file
    Orbis editions without STT is 240 minutes and editions with STT 120 minutes.
  • Limited maximum allowed upload data size
    Orbis editions without STT is 1 000 MB and editions with STT 500 MB.
  • Higher RAM consumption for Orbis edition including Speech to Text technology
    For editions with Speech to Text RAM required is 32 GB compared to required 16 GB for editions without Speech to Text. Detailed HW requirements are to be found here.
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