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Diarization tool for Orbis

Diarization tool for Orbis


Phonexia Orbis expects WAV recordings with unique speakers on each channel. If you have mono recordings with multiple speakers, this tool can preprocess them, so they can be used in Orbis.

IMPORTANT: This tool can process only mono WAV files. It will automatically ignore all files that don’t match this rule.

Result of processing is multichannel audio, where each speaker speaks only in their own channel.

For example, this recording:

audio.wav channel_1 [...111..222..11....22222..]

Will be converted to

audio.wav channel_1 [...111.......11...........]
          channel_2 [........222........22222..]

IMPORTANT: Tool doesn’t process any metadata. Resulting files should be uploaded into Orbis without metadata file!

Tool uses Phonexia Diarization technology model XL4.


First, you will need a license.dat file. Contact your Phonexia contact if you need one.

You can download the tool here:


Orbis-diar-split v2022-12-12 for Windows 178 MB


    This tool is installed in the following steps:

    • Unpack the application package to your installation directory
    • Copy your license file to the cmd subfolder of your installation directory

    How to use it

    • Copy your recordings into inbox subfolder
    • run diar_split.exe

    Tool will immediately start processing all files from inbox folder.

    You can check progress in console Window. Be aware, that second step can take long time, depending on length of your recording and power of your computer. For this reason tool also prints rough time estimation of the whole operation.

    Finished files are visible in outbox folder inside a subfolder. For each file in inbox, it creates processed file with the same name.


    Only files that were processed successfully are inside outbox folder. If processing fails for any reason, tool will print error message and proceed to next file.

    Tool creates also log-file for each file. In case that processing fails for any reason, we will need a log file to investigate the issue. It might be useful to share original recording together with log, if possible.

    Known issues

    • Tool can’t process files with names that contain spaces or non-ascii characters.


    If you experience any problem with Orbis diarization split, submit a ticket: (Product: Orbis)