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Orbis Hardware Requirements

This page provides information about the hardware requirements of Phonexia Orbis.

Installation package

Phonexia Orbis is provided in the form of a virtual machine in an open virtual appliance file (OVA). Packages are tailored for each customer. Ask your Phonexia contact to provide you with a download link.

HW requirements

Make sure, please, that your hardware meets the minimum requirements. You will need a 64-bit Linux or Windows machine with administrator rights, a working copy of either Virtualbox, VMware (Player, workstation…) or other virtualization software that supports running OVA files.

For testing, we recommend using Virtualbox for Orbis. You can download the latest version of Virtualbox here. For production deployment, see the recommendation below. 

Recommended setup


8 physical cores for Orbis VM


32 GB for Orbis VM

Disk space


  • typical installation of the Orbis does not exceed 20 GB
  • depending on the size, length, and retention policy of your files, you may want to allocate more space*

*1 MB of uploaded audio = 2.7 MB of storage needed

Virtual Platform (hypervisor)

minimal: VirtualBox 6.1.30 64-bit or newer

recommended: Linux + recent stable KVM hypervisor


For testing purposes, you may have success running Orbis with lower specs.

However, keep in mind, you may experience lower performance – or even crashes.

In short: if running on lower than the recommended HW specs, no guarantee is provided by Phonexia.

Client machine

Orbis is a server application. Client machine can be any standard computer or laptop with Chrome web browsers. Firefox and other web browsers are not supported.


For installation instructions, please see the Installation Guide page.

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