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Orbis 1.0.0 Release Notes

Welcome in Phonexia Orbis 1.0.0. Since this is a very first version of the product, you can find only the Known issues section. In the next releases, you will find a complete changelog as well.

Known issues

  • Maximal 1000 recordings in one case
    There is a limitation of 1000 recordings in one case in current Orbis version due to the performance issues.
    Solution: This limitation will be removed in the Orbis v1.2.0.
  • Recording upload and processing
    After upload the “In progress” status remains until the page is refreshed. This is a known UI bug.
    Solution: Please, refresh the list by changing the page or refresh (F5) the whole page (after the Upload progress is 100%).
  • Recording metadata formats
    Orbis doesn’t support metadata files in proprietary formats. Only Orbis JSON format is supported for metadata upload in version 1.0.
    Solution: Convert your proprietary metadata format into the specified JSON format.
  • Hit feature
    Due to the performance issues, the Hits are automatically calculated only on recording upload. When a new rule is defined the Hits recalculation is not perform automatically.
    Solution: Push the Recalculate hits button in the Hit rules section
  • Case access management
    A user can create a new case. The user gets an immediate exclusive access to that case. Currently it’s not possible for the user to grant access to other users.
    Solution: We are working on solution, where the cases can be shared by the Orbis users.
  • Hit and Entities list performance
    Case dashboard, hits section and entities sections have longer loading times. It sometimes also get stuck. It affects also filtering and ordering.
    Solution: Refresh your browser in case of stack. We are working on performance optimization, will be fixed in v1.1.0.
  • Network map
    In this Orbis version, there’s a beta version of the network graph.
    Known issues:

    • Graph layout is not well arranged.
      Solution: Use Auto Layout function and manual positioning of nodes.
    • Only telephony recordings and assets are visualized on a graph.
    • Graph layout is not shared among users.
    • Only a limited amount of information about entities is displayed.
  • Reporting
    Report section is not available yet. Please let us know about your ideal report from the Phonexia Orbis.
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