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…API for C++, C# – command line interface – REST interface – Graphical user interface (GUI) for evaluation in FAQ Speech Platform Permalink Q: Which databases are supported? A: Supported by SPE3: MySQL, SQLite Supported by VBS.plugin: MySQL in FAQ Speech Platform Permalink Q: Which authentication options are allowed by the server and how does it work? A:…

Phonexia End User License Agreement

downloading any necessary materials or software, even if Phonexia has been advised of the possibility of such damages. 4.2 Phonexia recognizes and agrees that the Client remains the sole owner of the title to any data provided to Phonexia while using the Web demo license, including audio recordings, transcripts, personal information, or any intellectual property rights contained therein (the “Provided…

Key Features (PSP)

…Upgrades Our packages follow the bug fix > updates > upgrades approach. The Speech Platform package is available with a typical set of technologies for download here. Some packages are distributed with a limited set of speech technologies or even completely without speech technologies. Find out more information in Packages, Updates vs. Upgrades. You might also want to browse our…

SPE configuration

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FAQs (Browser)

…in the Phonexia Browser. in FAQ Phonexia Browser, FAQ Speech Platform Permalink Q: I am getting SPE related error after starting the Browser (e.g. SPE server crashed, Error Downloading…, unable to connect to the SPE server, unable to start the localhost…) A: Windows: Open terminal in folder where sir.exe is located (hold Shift and click right mouse button in free…