Phonexia Speech Platform Release Plan

Starting with year 2020, Phonexia products use two types of releases:

FeatureMax. once per monthLimited (project based)Limited (project based)
PublicTwice a year (end of Q1 and Q3)No restrictionsStandard Phonexia support

Feature releases contain fresh new features, primarily intended for Proof-of-Concept projects and partners’ testing of the new features in the wild and collecting feedback. Based on the feedback, the behavior of the features can be improved or changed in subsequent releases. Feature releases are created on approx. monthly basis.
Feature releases are provided on a project basis, or to partners/clients interested in new features – please contact Phonexia if you are interested.

Public releases are released semi-annually, usually at the end of Q1 and Q3. These releases contain features already stabilized (based on feedback on Feature releases) and are intended for long-term deployments.
Public releases are generally available to all Phonexia partners/clients.

Diagram below shows release plan for 2021 (with 2019 period of transition to new releases cycle). Following years’ releases will be scheduled for the same period.

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