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This section of the document shall provide an overview of the pricing structure and discuss specifics of the pricing model. The main attributes of the Phonexia Voice Verify pricing are listed below. For a specific calculation please refer to the Phonexia Voice Verify Pricing document, which contains all crucial information.  

Volume-based pricing structure

We understand that the future is hard to predict, therefore we created a volume-base tiered pricing model which will automatically adjust to your needs as you go. The basis of the model is an „invoiceable action“.  Each enrollment or authentication of a voiceprint is defined as one invoiceable action. Please note that the invoiceable action relating to the voiceprint verification is counted as that single voiceprint, and NOT the number of voiceprints in the database against which that voiceprint is verified.  

The invoiceable actions are tiered into different intervals based on the amount of invoiceable actions used per month. The higher the interval, the lower the price per action within that interval.  

This ensures that you can use Voice Verify without any limitations and it will auto-adjust to any differences in your volumes – you pay only for what you get.  

Proof of concept (PoC) fee

We are happy to demonstrate the capabilities of our products in your controlled environment or make tweaks to adjust it to your specific needs, infrastructure or data-set. We offer this service as part of an optional Proof-of-concept phase. There is a one-time non-refundable payment payable in advance of the launch of PoC. 50% of the agreed proof of concept fee may be reimbursed to the partner in the event of continuation to a production deployment.

Model example

  1. (optional step) Your company would like to integrate Voice Verify, pending good performance in the PoC. The first payable amount will be the PoC Fee – before deployment.
  2. PoC will show satisfactory results, you would like to deploy Voice Verify in production. This deployment can be undertaken by the end customer’s technical team, the technology partner’s integration team or a combination of those, plus optional additional paid Phonexia technical services.  
  3. 1st month after deployment, the amount of actions processed is 15 000. The payable amount would be the fee per action for that specific Tier multiplied by 15 000. 
  4. 2nd month traffic increases – the amount of actions processed is 60 000. The payable amount would be the fee per action for that specific Tier multiplied by 60 000. 
  5. The same model is repeated in subsequent months as in point 4.  

Pricing adjustments

Different pricing schemes or other non-standard attributes of pricing are to be negotiated on a per project basis.  


The standard licensing period is one calendar year or a multiple of that period depending on the contractual agreement. Phonexia will deliver a license key and activation instructions to each customer individually and perform the initial license activation within the set-up phase. The license will be valid for the whole term agreed in the contract.

Further licensing details and agreements covered in detail in separate dedicated documents – EULA or others.

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