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Understand SPE configuration

Data storage and multithread settings

The home directory of SPE contains all user data including audio recordings and metadata files from speech processing (speaker models, description etc.). This is another good example of using environment variables if your topology design requires multiple instances of SPE processing the same payload. This is great for sharing raw data between multiple physical servers using network based storages and network shares.

# Home directory path. To this folder are stored all the data of all users.
server.user.home = ${application.dir}home

Switching on server.technology_multithread_initialization = true significantly improves initialization of the SPE after restart. NOTE: Switch it to false during troubleshooting, because multi-thread initialization also mixes output printed out to the log file and it is not easy to decode which thread caused which issue.

# Set multi-thread technology initialization
# When enabled server use multiple thread to speed up initialization of technologies
server.technology_multithread_initialization = false

# Number of threads for initialization of technologies
# Use 0 for automatic detection
server.technology_multithread_initialization.n_threads = 0

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