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Keyword Spotting – Languages

Languages supported (latest = 6th generation of KWS).

Standard = Maintained until newer version is released or end of support is reached.
Generation specified by number in “Tech. model name”.

Tech. model nameLanguage (region)Release DateEnd of SupportMaintenance
AR_KW_4Arabic (Kuwait)2017-06KWS 6th gen.Standard
AR_XL_6Arabic (Levantine)2021-05KWS 8th gen.Standard
AR_XL_5Arabic (Levantine)2020-08KWS 7th gen.Standard
CS_CZ_6Czech (Czech Republic)2021-03KWS 8th gen.Standard
CS_CZ_5Czech (Czech Republic)2018-12KWS 7th gen.Standard
DE_DE_4German (Germany and Austria)2017-12KWS 6th gen.Standard
EN_US_6English (United States)2021-11KWS 8th gen.Standard
EN_US_5English (United States)2019-06KWS 7th gen.Standard
EN2English2015-07KWS 6th gen.Standard
ES_ES_5Spanish2019-07KWS 7th gen.Standard
FR_FR_6French (France)2021-05KWS 8th gen.Standard
FR_FR_5French (France)2020-03KWS 7th gen.Standard
HR_HR_6Croatian (Croatia)2021-05KWS 8th gen.Standard
HR_HR_5Croatian (Croatia)2020-07KWS 7th gen.Standard
IT_IT_3Italian (Italy)2016-11KWS 5th gen.Standard
NL_NL_5Dutch (Netherlands and Belgium)2018-12KWS 7th gen.Standard
NL_NL_4Dutch (Netherlands and Belgium)2017-02KWS 6th gen.Standard
PL_PL_5Polish (Poland)2018-07KWS 7th gen.Standard
PL_PL_4Polish (Poland)2017-12KWS 6th gen.Standard
PS_6Pashto (Afghanistan)2021-05KWS 8th gen.Standard
PS_5Pashto (Afghanistan)2021-02KWS 7th gen.Standard
RU_RU_5Russian (Russia)2019-06KWS 7th gen.Standard
RU_RU_4Russian (Russia)2017-02KWS 6th gen.Standard
SK_SK_5Slovak (Slovakia)2019-03KWS 7th gen.Standard
SV_SE_6 (Beta)Swedish (Sweden)2021-05On project basis
SV_SE_5Swedish (Sweden)2020-04KWS 7th gen.Standard
VI_VN_6Vietnamese (Vietnam)2021-10KWS 8th gen.Standard
FA_IR_4 (Beta)Farsi (Iran)2017-12On project basis
HU1 (Beta)Hungarian2014-09On project basis
TR_TR_3 (Beta)Turkish2017-06On project basis
ZH1 (Beta)Chinese2015-12On project basis

Deprecated KWS models (not supported, after end-of-life).

Tech. model nameLanguage (region)Release DateEnd of SupportMaintenance
CS_CZ_4Czech (Czech Republic)2017-09KWS 6th gen.No longer maintained
HR_HR_4Serbo-Croat-Bosnian (Croatia)2017-09KWS 6th gen.No longer maintained
SK2Slovak (Slovakia)2015-09KWS 5th gen.No longer maintained
ES_AMER2Spanish (Latin American)2014-10KWS 5th gen.No longer maintained
PS1Pashto (Afghanistan)2015-08KWS 5th gen.No longer maintained
+ other KWS 1st gen.No longer maintained
+ other KWS 2nd gen.No longer maintained
+ other KWS 3rd gen.No longer maintained

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