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LID: Terminology and adaptation

Using custom LID language pack in Speech Engine

To use customized LID language pack in Speech Engine, it’s necessary to

  1. ensure that language pack placed in correct location, so that Speech Engine can find it
  2. register and enable the language pack in  using phxadmin

1) Put the language pack in correct location

In order to be recognized by Speech Engine, the language pack needs to be in a correct location. The location is <SPE_directory>/bsapi/lid/models – if you have followed the above instructions correctly, your language pack should be already in the right place.
If the directory with your language pack is not there, copy it there.

2) Register the language pack in Speech Engine

First make sure that Speech Engine is not running.
Then run phxadmin tool with add-language-pack parameter pointing to the language pack directory and config parameter pointing to appropriate Speech Engine configuration file:
Example (on Windows, use / instead of  -- as parameter delimiter):

./phxadmin --add-language-pack="bsapi/lid/models/l4_MyLanguagePack" --config="settings/"


  • --add-language-pack parameter specifies path to your language pack directory
  • --config parameter tells the tool which SPE configuration file to use
    Default Speech Engine configuration file is settings/
    However, when using Phonexia Browser in “SPE on localhost” mode (also known as “Embedded SPE”), the configuration file is settings/
    (Make sure to use the right configuration file, otherwise you might register the language pack to different configuration and therefore it won’t be visible where you would expect it.)

phxadmin then asks under which LID model and under which user should the added language pack be registered.
In the example below we are registering it under “L4” model (since we used “l4” source files to create it) and under “admin” user:

List of supported LIDC models:
1) L4
2) XL3
Choose model of LIDC [1]: 1
Login: admin
Language pack 'l4_MyLanguagePack' has been added to user 'admin'.

Then launch Speech Engine.
If everything was done successfully, you should see the new language pack