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Designing and Developing Application

Before designing and developing the application, we encourage Partner to find clear answer for the following questions:

Customer requirements:

  • Do my customers need file processing (audio) or stream processing in real time?
  • What is the human power of the customer that can analyze the results?
  • How many minutes per day or streams in parallel do my customer need to process?
  • What are real benefits for customer (finding the needle in haystack, approaching new information, processing only few data with highest possible accuracy)?
  • How the solution match the current processes and infrastructure of the customer?
  • How many false alarms are acceptable by customer?

Solution requirements

  • Is there high availability (HA) required for the solution?
  • Does customer need to use a specific hardware (mainly CPU, virtualized infrastructure vs. HW) or are you going to buy specific HW for customer?
  • What is short/long time storage requirements (ie. audio and results availability, desktop vs. distributed system)?
  • Is there any synchronization required (ie. voiceprint database to clients)?
  • What is the topology of the solution/app (ie. where to store audio, voiceprints, results, …)?
  • How to measure evaluation results and how to process calibration?

We encourage Partner to become familiar also with the following points:

  • Phonexia Speech Engine features and list of the technologies
  • Best practices -typical processing flows and architecture from our previous projects
  • Databases schema
  • Other Phonexia components and tools as example application that can give you inspiration
  • Licensing possibilities of the Phonexia product

For application design and development, please see the most important points in Best practices.