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Occurrence of Keyword in recording, not identified by technology with a given threshold.

False alarm

Occurrence of the word identified by technology as found Keyword, in a place that the Keyword was not actually said in the recording.

Keyword pronunciation

Pronunciation of the keyword(s) is generated automatically (G2P, grapheme to phoneme)  or produced from the lexicon of known words (“lexicon”) or converted from audio (phoneme transcription). It can be edited manually for each word (Phonexia do not limit the number of pronunciations per keywords/phrases).

Keyword list

Set of keywords or phrases defined together with keyword pronunciations (Phonexia do not limit the number of keyword lists).


Word or a phrase that is searched by a user (defined by a user as an input for KWS technology). Phonexia does not limit the number of keywords in the keyword list. The higher number of keywords (500+) cause speed decrease.