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SPE3 – Releases and Changelogs

Posted on: 2019-03-14

Phonexia Speech Engine (SPE) is developed as RESTfull API on top of Phonexia BSAPI. SPE was formerly known as BSAPI-rest (up to v2.x) or as Phonexia Server (up to v3.2.x). This page lists changes in SPE releases. Releases Changelogs == SPE v3.15.x == Phonexia Speech Engine 3.15.6 (03/14/2018) - DB v1101, BSAPI 3.19.2 * [BSAPI#370] Added SK_SK 5th generation of STT, Dictate, KWS and PHNREC NOTE: STT output format has changed in 5th generation: * _DELETE_ token was changed to <null/> * _SILENCE_ and <sil/> tokens were changed to <silence/> * <s> and </s> tokens were changed to <segment> and…

SPE configuration

Posted on: 2018-02-02

Basic explanation of configuration directives for SPE with hints & tips. Overview of for beginners.

Sizing of the computing units for speech technologies

Posted on: 2018-02-02

Best practices for good sizing of Phonexia technologies depend on a few facts: Intense work with large data sets requires good performance and bandwidth between RAM and CPU. It all depends on the size of the files with technological models data, usually loaded into RAM and used intensively for computing operations Always think only about physical cores of CPU (HT, VT features can't help in performance) Also seek for CPUs with a large L3 cache. And the better CPUs are those with higher l3_cache_size/#_of_physical_CPU_cores ratio. We currently assume that CPUs from the current Intel Xeon Family in the 4th generation…