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SPE3 – Releases and Changelogs

…to BSAPI 3.15.0 [G_BSAPI#53] Added support for 64bit float wav format [G_BSAPI#3] Fixed BSAPI may crash when recording’s header is invalid [G_BSAPI#5] Fixed Dictate produces different results on second and next run [G_BSAPI#4] Fixed Dictate CS_CZ last segment of transcription has negative end time [G_BSAPI#68] Fixed Phoneme Recognizer with configuration not working [G_BSAPI#75] Fixed bug: Dictate EN not working…

Browser3 – Releases and Changelogs

…and non-target graphs in SID evaluator are swapped Fixed: PDF chart could be empty in the SID evaluator report Fixed: JSON parsing error during evaluation set creation when some file doesn’t contain any speech Updated: Synchronize versioning with BSAPI Phonexia Browser v3.26.0, BSAPI 3.26.0 – Feb 28 2020 (Feature Preview release) Updated: Updated BSAPI Phonexia Browser v3.25.1, BSAPI 3.25.0 –…

Product Portfolio

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Open Source Acknowledgement

…MPL-2.0 chardet 3.0.4 LGPL coreapi 2.3.3 BSD coreschema 0.0.4 BSD defusedxml 0.6.0 PSFL django-allauth 0.39.1 MIT django-constance 2.7.0 BSD django-cors-headers 3.4.0 MIT License django-environ 0.4.5 MIT django-extra-fields 2.0.5 Apache-2.0 django-picklefield 3.0.1 MIT django-rest-auth 0.9.3 MIT djangorestframework 3.9.1 BSD docker 4.2.2 Apache License 2.0 drf-yasg 1.17.1 BSD License elasticsearch 7.8.0 Apache-2.0 elasticsearch-dsl 7.2.1 Apache-2.0 filetype 1.0.7 MIT freezegun 0.3.15 Apache 2.0…

Speech Platform FAQ

…Permalink Q: Does the system come as an API? Yes, the system comes as an API (for the production license). in FAQ Speech Platform Permalink Q: How can I add new language to LID? A: There are multiple methods to train a new language, please see article in Components > Speech Technologies > LID. in FAQ Speech Platform Permalink Q:…