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     Posted on: 2018-02-01

Voice Print – output from spoken speech extraction process of SID. Unique mathematical representation of the specific speaker. It is created from iVectors.


     Posted on: 2018-02-01

Median – Value separating higher half of data sample from lower half.


     Posted on: 2018-02-01

Likelihood Ratio – Result from statistical test for two models comparation. It gives back number which expresses how many times more likely the data are under one model than the other. LR meets numbers in interval <-∞;+∞>


     Posted on: 2018-02-01

Language Print Archive - pack of language prints from the recordings spoken in the same language/dialect. Used for the language identification in LID comparison.


     Posted on: 2018-02-01

Language Print - output data from LID technology


     Posted on: 2018-02-01

Features – FEA is optional output from KWS technology. Looking for keywords in FEA is faster than in original recording.


     Posted on: 2018-02-01

Distribution of audio and video content to a dispersed audience via any audio or visual mass communications medium, but usually one using electromagnetic radiation (radio waves)


     Posted on: 2017-08-17

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Q: How to choose answer format from server (xml/json)?

     Posted on: 2017-06-27

A: Via HTTP header “Accept” parameter (application/json; application/xml) Via request query “format=json/xml” If the format is not defined (or the HTTP header "Accept" parameter has one of these values: application/*,*/*,*), server will return json.